Strong consciousness is extremely difficult. Sometimes, a person who is a little practicing and even practicing is not necessarily worse than a strong person who is high above the gods and demons!
Jin Jia Ran Ye JH hasn’t woken up yet, but she is thoughtful in JH’s beautiful eyes, and she can feel that familiar mysterious force.
"Hehe, don’t hide and hold it. Tell us what this is all about. Consciousness is too difficult to understand."
Zhenxian Nan’s long crimson eyebrows and bright eyes staring at the power of consciousness is too complicated, even though they don’t know much about sages.
If you don’t understand it, you can’t do it. If you want to make a further step, you must leap from a relatively perfect life form to a more perfect one to make up for your own shortcomings. Naturally, it is also a top priority, but few people will share their ideological experience with others. Now that you have seized the opportunity, where can you not seize it?
It’s not that this guy is said to have been inherited by a certain sage in the era of the Three Saints in ancient times, which has always been envied by many sages.
Therefore, at this time, including the vast sea of JH, it is by no means that many JH are watching closely.
"South you …"
Looking at Zhenxian Nan, even if he is depressed in his heart, he can’t help but laugh and shake his head. However, in this world, it makes sense for monks to be called sages. Therefore, it is by no means easy to talk about all kinds of consciousness. "The will to consciousness is a bit but not tight."
"Consciousness is actually mind thoughts and self-awareness …"
Consciousness wants to grow stronger and practice magic?
Practice the avatar?
The bull’s head is not right!
Understanding the laws and rules lies in the avenue?
A little, but it’s not obvious either
A strong consciousness requires constant awareness of one’s own shortcomings.
It is by no means reserved to tell what you have received and your own feelings. "In many ancient colleges and schools with a long history, the patriarchal clan has always emphasized the nature of mind. Sometimes, if you meet a brother who is suitable for your own roots, even if his talent is low, he will not hesitate to pay attention to it. Do you know this?"
"For example, Xuanlan, your moral Sect has always emphasized the moral character of your brother, even though he decided to enter the door. If you want to enter the door, you must first study the four classic moral scriptures of your moral Sect and pass the examination?"
"Ha ha …"
Many true sages have heard that in recent years, the Moral Sect has expelled many talented and elite monks directly from the mountain gate, but the reason turned out to be that they could not understand the essence of the Tao Te Ching text …
A thousand years ago, the Moral Sect did not hesitate to expel a peerless genius who was based on Jinyang Daoism from the mountain gate. At that time, it was a real shock to the desolate land. You know Jinyang Daoism is among many congenital constitutions, and it ranks among the top ten powerful constitutions!
In the end, this peerless genius of Jinyang Daoism was accepted by another newly rising door-Chunyang Sect. After 300 years, this peerless genius was ashamed of his talent, and in just 300 years, he became a Taoist God and achieved the rank of king in one fell swoop, which was praised by the world.
However, when the genius king stepped on the door of the moral clan again one day, he once asked the moral clan patriarch if he regretted the decision he made that day. He simply said, "My moral clan patriarch is the immoral person with the word moral, even if you have strong talent and high achievements in the future, I will have a moral clan relationship."
When it was, the firm words moved many monks present.
But this sentence was recognized by all the monks of the whole moral Sect and was established as the spiritual pillar of the Sect!
Now it seems that there is still a reason.
"What’s more, your morality is rooted in the true Dharma-too moral induction, but your moral heart is strong when you practice, and the faster and smoother you practice?"
By no means refers to a whole body surrounded by moral gas, a JH asked
"So that’s it. I said that these moral monks always run around the world when they practice to the three or nine yuan gods, and they also do some inexplicable things to help grandma cross the road …"
Hearing this is by no means the case. Many JH present suddenly looked at JH’s feelings of Hyun Lan and this reason …
It is by no means a sentence by sentence explanation by the true sages, but also many ancient clans are taken out as examples. It can be said that the words are meticulous and the specific practice methods are not mentioned, but the eyes of many true sages are getting brighter and brighter.
You know, not all true sages have ancient clans that have inherited all kinds of subtle customs from generation to generation. Many great sages are surprised and brilliant, and they have created their own methods step by step to break into the four or nine heavenly ways. Therefore, many ancient clans take it for granted, but they are quite puzzling.
Now when I hear these simple statements by no means JH, I suddenly realize.
In a word, this is not a truth.
Kacha …
I have been paying attention to listening to many JH conversations. When Yan Hong heard this, he was inexplicably broken …
It’s like some kind of chain is broken! to be continued
Chapter two hundred and thirty-five The hype