Blink of an eye blood bats directly to flee several people against them.
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
It’s more squeal than screaming in the sky, and a burst of blood. For a moment, the blood bat fled by disappearing, and several people directly turned into corpses. However, some flesh and blood remained in the dense bones, which was more terrifying than it was.
After setting an example for these people, people who intend to flee immediately gave up such an idea and stood on the spot in horror.
Situhao sat on the ground with Shu Xingyue’s body in his arms and looked at The Hunger coldly. At this time, although his heart was full of anger, he couldn’t help it.
How to talk to me or not? The Hunger, a pair of bloody eyes, once again stared at Situhao and asked coldly.
The concept of death is very white. Situ Hao wants him to become a death in The Hunger. Although he will be promoted by great strength, he can also become a die-hard loyal person. He has no sense of right and wrong and can’t think of himself. The Hunger told him to kill people, so he had to kill people. Even if he told him to eat shit, he wouldn’t frown and eat shit.
But what can he do in the face of The Hunger’s naked threat?
That is, he will kill hundreds of brothers after The Hunger kills them all.
But when The Hunger died, Situ Hao really didn’t know how many people he would kill at the behest of The Hunger.
Didn’t Wang Daoyuan say that Situ Hao was a fierce star, so he should be proved? This is not what he wanted. He used to be very confused, but he finally gave a reluctant explanation, that is, he was indeed a fierce star, a fierce star that killed several evil people.
Situhao flashed many ideas in his mind. He really doesn’t know what to do now.
Letting The Hunger be bloodied and then killing him will kill hundreds of people. He is really a dead man in The Hunger. Accusing him of his hands in The Hunger will probably dye thousands of people’s blood.
I can talk to you, but I don’t want to be a dead man because I don’t want to be a dead man with no sense of right and wrong and no thoughts. When Stuart flashed these thoughts, he said lightly, Chapter 4 Salamander
No, if you want to be with me, you must be my death. It is definitely a very dangerous thing to keep you around. I won’t let you be an old man. I’m not at ease yet. Situhao’s voice just fell and The Hunger directly refused
The Hunger knows Situhao too well. Now that he has agreed to talk to him, he will not let him hurt these people. If he wants his life to be threatened, Situhao will surely commit it.
For Situhao The Hunger, I really want him to follow him and give him an arm.
For The Hunger’s refusal, it was also expected by Situhao. He refused to leave Situhao and said naively, I really have no room for regret in front of you, old beast. No matter what they do here, let them leave you and me first. Let’s talk about it later.
At this time, the situation encountered is because he caused the ghost of The Hunger from the abyss. Now Situhao wants to let himself not be implicated in these koo people.
Do you think the old man is an idiot? Now I rely on these people to force you to be my dead man. If these people escape, I’m afraid you will fight with the old man to the death. The old man won’t fight you when you are old. Now it’s to benefit your kindness and personality to make you make a mistake. The Hunger said with a smug smile
In the face of The Hunger’s statement, Situ Hao can’t help it. It seems that he can now promise The Hunger to let himself die.
Xingyue was seriously injured because she helped me resist an attack from you. You have to let me save her. Let’s talk about it. Situhao made such a request to The Hunger with a gloomy face.
The Hunger couldn’t help turning over his eyes and giving Stuart a bad look when he heard this. Are you always a vegetarian and getting hit by the old? Don’t say that she is such a weak and weak force, but she is soaring and born to die. You still don’t have to worry so much. This girl will not die and will be stunned. You can also extend his life a little now.
Situhao looked at Shu Xingyue’s pale face and closed his eyes. There were two lines of tears in his eyes, and his heart was about to break.
Shu Xingyue once hurt her, but she had to give up her prejudice. At this time, Shu Xingyue was a good girl who was devoted to him in his heart. At this time, he had already been inspired. Seeing her like this, he was really an impulse to suffer instead of him.
Situhao is a multi-lover. He won’t remember his kindness, and he will repay Shu Xingyue doubly. He was injured because of saving him. In addition to being moved and being aroused by his youthful feelings, he has already loved the girl who once hurt him.
The more so, the more Situhao hates The Hunger, but he has been seriously injured at this time, even though he hates him as much as he can.
But suddenly Situhao thought of a terrible old beast. I don’t believe you. I’m really a dead man. I can’t guarantee that you won’t kill these people.
The Hunger’s face is slightly exposed, but he has no face and a small smile. Now you have no choice. You must promise me to be my death.
The more The Hunger said this, the more he said that the old beast had a ghost in his heart.
Situhao will no longer The Hunger said softly to Shu Xingyue in his arms. You must hold on to it. I won’t throw you away. Then he put Shu Xingyue gently on the ground and resisted the pain. His body suddenly stood up and looked at The Hunger with a murderous look. He wanted to be old and not so easy to talk to you. Situhao then shouted that the opportunity would quickly escape.
The giant roared down and Stuart Hao’s body suddenly turned into a lux lizard, with its wings fierce. Zhang Xiangzhong flew quickly and turned sideways and quickly fled forward.
Situ Haobai, The Hunger’s main target at this time is himself. Now he wants to escape to let The Hunger track himself, so that The Hunger will threaten him and it will be invalid.
At this time, he turned into a powerful fourth-order beast salamander. Even if The Hunger tracked himself, he could help salamanders attack The Hunger and fight with him to create an escape.
Sure enough, on the way to Situhao, The Hunger immediately ran after him, but The Hunger was quite fast, and in the blink of an eye, he stopped in front of Situhao with his left hand in his palm, covering Situhao with a sudden attack.
Obviously, The Hunger still wants Situhao to be his dead man. This is not the case. The bloodthirsty magic halberd in his hand launched a fatal attack on him.
At this time, the place where Situhao and The Hunger confronted each other was the precipice.
Seeing that The Hunger has launched an attack on Situhao with a stronger palm force, he is not surprised, but his huge mouth is fierce and spouts a flaming fire. At the same time, his wings are flapping rapidly and he is spouting fire, and he immediately rushes forward and rushes to The Hunger’s body.
The salamander sprayed fire with a temperature of several thousand degrees. The Hunger’s strength today has only recovered to 30% before his death. Although the fire did not cause great harm to him, it was not for him to bear being in a raging fire of several thousand degrees. He did not dare to delay and suddenly sprayed fire on the salamander.
Situhao’s sudden transformation made Fengyun’s younger brother frightened to disgrace. When they saw Situhao’s transformation, the beast spouted out of the sky and the fire was enveloped by the heat wave, they just woke up and fled on the spot. Several of them didn’t forget to run away with Shu Xingyue, who was badly hit.
Situhao at this time, the salamander spray fire can block people’s line of sight, but it is a method to block his line of sight. When The Hunger went to Ben Tong, he also saw clearly that he bowed his head slightly to The Hunger and sprayed a mouthful of fire. Wings flapped in the waves, and the fire and waves surged towards The Hunger’s body.
The Hunger was frightened to disgrace, and his body flashed to escape the fire in Taotian. His body couldn’t help running for more than 100 meters again. His body has now entered the precipice. Chapter 41 Flame in Taotian.
Situhao saw that The Hunger was afraid of his illusion, and he was even more self-interested. Now the illusion has caused a nuisance to The Hunger, so that he can take care of his younger brother when he was avoiding in The Hunger. He immediately chased him into a few minutes with the direction, and the fire kept spewing all over the sky to stop The Hunger’s way
The Hunger was so angry that at this time, his strength was only restored to 30% before his death. Although he was not afraid, he was quite afraid of this monstrous fire, and he had to continue to give way.