And Lin Yue also saw the little guys eating crazily.
It seems that they quite like it.
Lin Yue was satisfied to see dozens of small ice lizards eat a big bowl of rice cleanly, and every one of them was about to burst, and finally they all lay down on the ground and couldn’t get up.
"Well, it seems that the small ice lizard is a foodie. This meal has no effort, but the effect is still good."
Lin Yue returned to the castle shelter from the glass greenhouse and came to the kitchen again.
This time he took out a new dough and cooked it up …
Xiao Bai was the first to rush into the kitchen early in the morning.
The little guy smelled the mixed eggs last night and really wanted to rush over to grab the food, but he held back the pain when he thought that the host said delicious breakfast the next day.
But at dawn, the little guy couldn’t help rushing into the kitchen for the first time.
And it is satisfied to see that its owner, Lin Yue, has cooked delicious meals for it.
"Xiao Bai, wait, the horse is good."
Lin Yue guessed that Xiaobai would definitely get up early, so he got up early and came to the kitchen for the first time.
Will be a lot of wonton pot Lin Yue immediately got the wonton bottom material into a big basin, and then put the case surface into a big bubbling oil pan.
"Master, what is this! Too fragrant! "
Xiao Bai listened to the crackling frying sound and smelled a delicious smell. He stared at the oil pan and saw that the owner had just thrown it in and it had floated!
And that host is tur the floating golden thing back and forth with two long tree sticks.
"Fried dough sticks are of course fragrant." Lin Yue was very satisfied with Xiaobai’s reaction.
Of course, wonton should be accompanied by fried dough sticks, which is certain
Lin Yue doesn’t know what other places or people think or how to match them.
For him, if he had eaten wonton, it would have been fritters to match it.
When you haven’t eaten fritters for a long time, you will feel more fragrant when you eat them again!
Lin Yue is really greedy when he smells this fragrance, but he looks at the small white and finds that the goods are dripping with saliva. You know, this is something that has never happened before
Even eating lion’s head and bear’s meat has never been so greedy. I didn’t expect a little fritter to be so greedy
"Master fritters is what thing? It feels so sweet. "Little white saliva is really flying straight to thousands of feet. Tick tock.
"Fried dough sticks … are a very popular breakfast snack in Tang State. It’s simple and delicious … Oh, well, don’t worry about this white one. It’s best to eat it when it’s hot." Lin Yuegang just picked it up and put it in the oil filter next to it. Xiaobai was about to reach for it, but his horse was stopped by Lin Yue.
"Master, I can gently blow air conditioning without me." Xiao Baixian couldn’t help it. He stared at the golden fried dough sticks and felt that he could eat these five and a half meters of food in one bite!
"That also has to wait for our Tang State-owned saying that you can’t eat hot tofu and you can’t eat hot fried dough sticks, although I said this sentence later. Hahahaha"
Xiaobai cocked his head and carefully tasted this sentence. At the same time, he also wondered whether he should take a big bite without burning his tongue.
Lin Yue quickly rolled up the noodles and put them in a hot oil pan. By the way, he looked back at the wonton in the eye pot and took this opportunity to pour the soup into a big basin and then poured it out again.
The tangy smell mixed together to make the little white saliva in this kitchen really like a waterfall.
Soon ten fried dough sticks were made, and Lin Yue took them out of the oil filter and put them on the market.
"Little guy can’t wait, can he? Eat first and I’ll fry some more."
Lin Yue can almost see the ruby pupil of Xiaobai!
Boy, is this product really a foodie?
"Master, this wonton is so fragrant and the fritters are so delicious! Master, I feel that we can go out and kill some mythical beast soon! "
Xiao Bai ate excitedly and roared as if he was eating kidney gland instead of fried dough sticks wonton.
Lin Yue fried almost a hundred more, took out one after all the noodles, and put the remaining fried dough sticks in the contents.
Then he cooked himself a bowl of wonton and ate it with Xiaobai.
Lin Yue burped and looked at Xiao Bai, who was able to lie down, and could not help laughing.
"Eat too much. Do you want to help digestion later?" Lin Yue suggested.
"The reward is another meal at noon. Xiaobai agrees!" The little guy feels that he will never get tired of this. Isn’t it delicious?
"Good food can’t always be eaten, little guy." Lin Yue was quite satisfied with Xiaobai’s reply, but it would be tired of eating it all the time.
"That’s too much to eat, but master, what are we going to do later?"
Xiaobai struggled to sit up, but he found it seemed futile. He had just eaten too much, and so much soup and fried dough sticks were poured into his stomach. It was really too full.
"For a while ….." Lin Yue took out the flat panel and confirmed the information. "We have to go to our door first to explore and take a look at the Fiji Yue side. There is no reply yet."
Lin Yue did contact Feiyue when he just ate, but Feiyue hasn’t replied yet.
Still not up?
I think not.
Lin Yue felt that what he said must have been rectified to conquer the quartet fighters and prepared to launch a wave of violent levy on the whole wasteland.
Of course, Lin Yue also knows that Fei Yue won’t forget to say that he wants to do all kinds of things yesterday. The goods should still be busy.
"Explore? Master Xiao Bai is ready. "Xiao Bai finally struggled this time. When he heard that he could go to that place to fight, he suddenly came to the spirit.
The exploration gate leads to an unknown exploration place.
Xiaobai learned from the main population that the exploration site will change to different places with the end of a disaster.
Maybe this time I’m going to Wolf-Head Valley or somewhere else.
But Xiaobai is interested in any place.