The autumn mountains are endless, and Qiu Si is also boundless.
Bi Jian Liu Hong Ye Qing Lin Dian Bai Yun
Cool Yin, a bird falling into a crystal, and a cicada falling into chaos.
This night, the banana rain man heard it.
I don’t know how to sing this poem, but my heart was inexplicably filled with sadness …
Chapter 36 Reward
? "Young people don’t need to be so sentimental. There are more important things waiting for you!" A sound abruptly interrupted Lin Sheng’s thoughts, but Lin Sheng was not angry at all, because he recognized that the man who said this was the middle-aged man who saved him that day.
"predecessors! You are here! " Lin Sheng arch hand and said
"eh? Are you hurt? " The middle-aged man was surprised and said
"It’s almost the same, but I’m still weak and I don’t come at all," Lin Sheng said.
"pervert!" Middle-aged people secretly scolded 1, but the mouth is said.
"It’s normal to be weak, so it’s easy to reply, but it’s estimated that your true qi will reply slowly in the day. Although the effect of this scattered panacea is good, after all, sometimes it limits you and you don’t worry."
"My predecessors have taken good care of me for many days and saved my life. Now I am about to recover. Just say what you want me to do!" Lin Sheng respectfully said
"You are a little conscience! As for me, there is nothing important for you to do. Now I just sent an apprentice to inherit my mantle. Are you willing? " The middle-aged man said
"This ….." Lin Sheng hesitated to say that it’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he already has a master. The so-called one-day teacher and lifelong father, which is a taboo for practitioners!
"Why? You don’t want to! " Which middle-aged person seems to be very impatient?
"It’s not that the younger generation doesn’t want to worship the elder generation, but I have a master now!" Lin Sheng explained
"There is a master! Haha, I should have expected it. I think you are so young. If there is no teacher’s guidance, it would be strange to forget it … "The middle-aged man seems to be talking to himself and seems to be talking in Lin Sheng, but he has already walked out of the door and disappeared in an instant.
Lin Sheng followed to the door of the house, which middle-aged figure had already disappeared.
"Ah …" Lin Sheng sighed heavily and went back to the window just now.
At this time, the drizzle outside has stopped, but the sky has not improved at all. On the contrary, the trend is that clouds are gathering and the wind is roaring, which means that something unexpected is coming.
Lin Sheng went back to the window to sit for a while and fell asleep again …
I don’t know how long it took …
Lin Sheng was quarreled again. Lin Sheng opened his eyes. The middle-aged man came back just now. Seeing that Lin Sheng woke up without saying anything, he slapped Lin Sheng’s head and Lin Shengma fainted.
Lin Sheng slowly woke up with an abnormal pain in his head, like being stung by a wasp when he was a child, but he instantly understood what the middle-aged man had done to him. The middle-aged man had given Lin Sheng his color skills.
"Six-pulse magic sword!" Lin Sheng surprised himself, but he instantly forced the achievement method to run in the body.
Lin Sheng got out of bed and found a letter on the bedside table. It was left to Lin Sheng. Lin Sheng went over and picked it up and opened it.
My Duan family’s royal brother accidentally killed three family brothers because he was addicted to martial arts, and he was banished from Duan’s family for more than ten years. He did not abandon his magic skills at the end of the year, but he was seriously injured by a strong enemy, and soon he was afraid of his life. Fortunately, he met you in the rest of his life, and you have a legacy. Now I know that I am a disciple, and I hope you will be grateful for the six-pulse magic sword. Don’t make the magic skills unique ……………………………..
Duan sb.’ s last words
Lin Sheng looked at all kinds of feelings in his confidence, and made a great friendship with himself. The death of the senior master not only saved his life, but also gave him what he had learned all his life. Although Lin Sheng was not prepared to practice the six-pulse magic sword, such kindness made Lin Sheng feel at a loss at this time.
"You can rest assured that predecessors! Even if I didn’t ask you, I would help Duan Jia! But I definitely can’t practice this magic skill. Please forgive me, but if there is an opportunity, I will find you a suitable practitioner to inherit your magic skill! " Lin Shengxin Road
Lin Sheng is still sleepy in the middle of the night. Perhaps it is because he slept too much these days. It is also possible that today, the middle-aged man left him a letter to sigh and let him sleep. Lin Sheng just sat still like a clay idol.
Suddenly Lin Sheng face twitched.
"Really!" Lin Sheng finally felt the body qi trace.
"Haha, my true spirit is finally slowly recovering!" Lin Sheng hurriedly is guiding the true qi to converge on the limbs.
An hour later, Lin Sheng finally opened his eyes, and his true spirit finally recovered, but he also vaguely improved. It was a lot of benefits for him to compete with Wang Ping that day, and watching the rain hit the banana this morning to realize the ups and downs of the world also gave him another temper. Now he is closer to the later stage of Wuling. It can be said that now he is half-stepping into the middle stage of Wuling and needs an opportunity to enter the field of the middle stage of Wuling.
"It’s time to go back to Duan’s house!" Lin Shengxin Road
Lin won the door and disappeared into the vast sea of people …
I don’t know how many people Lin Sheng asked to know the way back and walked slowly towards Duan Jia’s palace.
"It seems that I have to buy a map to see this, but God is very good." Lin Sheng sighed that he was walking in the street when someone stopped him.
Stop him. It’s a group of soldiers in city guards.
"live! We’ve been looking for you for a long time, and finally we found it. "It’s a general. He’s the younger brother of the Wangs. Because the important events of the Wangs are very small, he was sent to the army by the Wangs to experience. With years of hard work, he finally got mixed up in the post of general. He has also reached the early stage of Wuling, and now he’s in the Wangs, and he’s very proud. This time, the Wangs have made anyone who can catch Lin Sheng become a king’s parent, which makes him very moved. He is looking for Lin Sheng in this Cangshan city
"This military elder brother doesn’t know what you mean?" Lin Sheng frowned, but still pressed his anger and asked calmly
"Don’t befriend our general. You will blow up Wang Pinggong’s abdomen and let him repair it. We just want to arrest you and go to the Wangs to confess!" A soldier shouted at Lin Sheng that the punch on the day of Lin Sheng missed Wang Pingtou, but it really hit Wang Ping’s chest, and he was defeated in the abdomen, which is the place where the practitioner is really angry. If the abdomen is abolished, this person will be able to practice again.
Listen, this little soldier explained that Lin Sheng was the end of the story.
Knowing that Wang Ping had abolished himself and was wanted, he was not only not worried at all, but laughed happily.
"Waste good waste good! Karma! Ha ha ha! "
The general of the Wangs suddenly turned pale.
"Hum! Laugh when you are dying! " Said, lifting the whip and shoveling it toward Lin Sheng. The whip flashed toward the side and missed Lin Sheng. Instead, it was wrapped around the side and watched the hapless soldier who fell to the ground by this whip and vomited blood.
"The general will be with their own hands! How dare you follow you with your hands after this? " Lin Sheng said with a smile
"Hum!" Which surname is Wang, the general pulled back the whip and pulled it towards Lin Sheng. Seeing that the whip was about to be drawn to Lin Sheng, Lin Sheng jumped over a somersault and grabbed the whip.
"Come on!" Lin Sheng drank a lot at the same time and pulled the general to the ground with one hand.
Which general realized that his roots were not in front of him? The young man’s opponent hurriedly ordered his hand to attack Lin Sheng.
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Chapter 37 After