Otherwise, even if the disaster finally defeats the exposed acrobatic troupe of Li Gang, it will face more human practitioners and be besieged by the imperial army.
The vaudeville troupe member who covered for the monsters also knew this.
Immediately blocked the pass to the outside world and cooperated with those monsters to slaughter human beings.
"Who is he?"
"Who is this guy?"
"No, this guy is not a mortal!"
When Pei Wende knocked the ferocious wolf demon to the ground with a diamond seal, other monsters nearby could not help but cast a horrified look at him.
They were all mortals except Li Gang, so it’s not difficult to kill them.
But Pei Wende, who suddenly jumped out of the crowd, gave them a loud slap in the face-they didn’t slaughter the lambs for these mortals.
On the contrary, Pei Wende suddenly came out and he reacted. People also grabbed their nearest weapons and did not hesitate to kill the surrounding demons.
As soon as this picture comes out, don’t say those monsters who intend to kill them. Even Pei Wende, the figurine, is a bit stupid.
The people in this mansion … aren’t some too fierce?
It’s an example that one or two monsters dare to fight back.
But almost everyone dares to resist the slaughter of these monsters. It can be said that the people in this mansion are not easy to be younger.
Reminiscent of the old man Pei Wende who dared to ambush Li Gang before, and finally set him up, he suddenly realized that this mansion may not be as simple as he imagined.
In particular, these people gathered in twos and threes to surround the old, the weak, women and children and fight back against the monsters back to back.
It is fully said that they are definitely militia groups trained by the army, even if they are not soldiers from the ranks.
"Who are you …?"
Once again, after stunning a monster, Pei Wende looked at his former support and people could not help but ask questions in their hearts.
"Haha, this is what we want to ask you!"
With a kitchen knife in his hand, the cat demon was the first to support him. A strong man gave a hearty laugh.
"It’s not rare to sneak into the master’s birthday party, but I’ll see you as a courageous and knowledgeable person like you."
"Are you interested in joining our camp after this war? I directly recommend you as a corporal! "
The talking strong man cut down another monster.
I feel that my three views have been subverted. Pei Wende spoke for a moment. The little green snake in his neckline also cast a surprised look at this group of brave people.
"go! Away from here! "
"Don’t get entangled with these mortals. We must leave quickly!"
"Go back and inform everyone that it has been exposed and must leave this town before the government reacts!"
Seeing that the silence failed, the monster finally regained his rationality and gave up his original plan to greet his companions to evacuate.
But in the blink of an eye, the menacing monsters instantly retreated, and the vaudeville humans followed them out of the mansion.
"Don’t chase after each other! Give priority to protecting the elderly, women and children! "
Shouting a strong man was not carried away by this temporary victory and ordered his companions to give up and continue to hunt down those monsters.
Pei Wende couldn’t help looking askance at this decisive judgment and understanding of the situation.
It seems that this group of very strong men are not just brave people, but really brave and resourceful people
Chapter 30 Real … I will cross over.
Half an hour later, the back hall of the mansion
The disaster is intended to induce and stimulate it. Li Gang’s battlefield has already moved outside the town.
In addition to the people who have experienced this shocking scene personally in the mansion, others in the town are still enjoying this rare carnival and are not aware of the crisis.
After forcing the demon back, the first strong man sent someone to inform the government what happened here.
According to the strong man, at most, at dawn every day, special troops will come to Jingfan Town to suppress those monsters on a large scale.
At that time, no matter whether it is a vaudeville monster or human beings, they can escape the army’s suppression.
That is, in this process, Pei Wende learned that the strong man named "Wu Kang" was a pioneer general of a certain army named "Shence Camp"
To those Han who fought against the monster with him, they were also the people who planned the camp by God.
These soldiers from Shence Camp will appear in this mansion because the old man who died was the former battalion commander of Shence Camp and Wu Kang’s grandfather.
Today is the 70th birthday of the old man, and the people who came here specially to celebrate his birthday.
However, it never occurred to Wu Kang that the old man would be "killed" by Li Gang in the end, which also led to such a big riot.
Yu Li Gang said that there was collusion between the old monsters?
All members of Shence Camp, including Wu Kang, don’t believe it. They firmly believe that there must be some misunderstanding.
Even Li Gang’s identity as a "Si Chen envoy" is extremely doubtful.
After all, Li Gang’s sneaking into the mansion belongs to the type of "indefensible" no matter from which level.
"Hateful master fought in the battlefield several times in his life, and finally he was so timid that he died."
Made no secret of his anger. Wu Kang commanded his teammates to clear the auditorium and put the old man’s body in a good place, while pulling the embarrassed Peiwende shouted at him.
At the same time, it was placed by Shence camp, and the bodies of veterans with crossbows were unfortunately killed by demons, old women and children.